Multi-Camera Color Correction via Hybrid
Histogram Matching
Vision Lab, Nanjing University

(a) Raw images
(b) Corrected images


With the explosive popularity of multi-camera systems, a challenging problem is how to guarantee the intercamera color consistency. In this paper, we have developed a hybrid histogram matching (HHM) algorithm that leverages the cumulative color histogram to fulfill this purpose, which mainly includes the global color mapping, and local color straightening for uniform color presentation across cameras. Our approach is applicable to any camera pair with sufficient viewing angle overlap, and can be easily extended to support multi-camera setup by pairwisely color map transfer. Our HHM have provided the superior efficiency for color correction when compared with the state-of-the-art algorithms, both objectively and subjectively, via extensive validations on different multi-camera systems. Additional ablation studies have been performed to further examine the capacity of our algorithm in practical applications.